Coursebook Analysis: 8th Grade Upswing English

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In the beginning of the first unit called as Friendship, there is a song which is about friendship and its importance indiscriminatingly. It generally says that it doesn't matter that you are short or tall, black or white, boy or girl because we are friends and you are always there. This is really good beginning for a book. It gives educatory message about social justice ,and besides, it is related with the topic. 

Also there is a picture below the song. It includes people who have different appearances such as blond girl and boy, white and black people or people who have headscarf. They are all together and happy, this is the message that writers wanted to give to students.


There are many pages and pictures that includes messages about diversty. Generally, the book has pictures which include people from different countries and have different appearances.

Also, there is not any gender apartheid or bias. For example in society people generally think that women should cook and men go to work etc. but in the first piscture below a man is cooking. Also there is not any gender apartheid in the second picture below which shows some jobs.

 Moreover the book includes some activities which may increase students' social responsibility awareness. For example there are some pictures below and people are helping others, cleaning environment and planting trees. 


Actually, when I examine the whole book, I have realized that there is not any information or awareness raising activity about animal rights. It gives effective messages about gender equality, environmental issues, or diversty, however; it falls behind about animal rights.

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