About Me

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Hi there, I am Nazan Karadeniz. I study at Trabzon University as a senior student. I was born on October 1, 1996, in Eyüp, Istanbul, but I grew up in Ortahisar, Trabzon. I graduated from Cumhuriyet Anatolian High School in 2015. Then, I passed the university exams after a long and hard journey and gained acceptance into my current university.

There are five people in my family: my parents, three sisters, and me. I am the second child in a family of four splendid children (one older sister, three younger sisters). I live with my mum and my dad, and my sisters are not currently living in Trabzon because they are studying at different universities.

I have been studying English since I started high school. There were some popular fields in the school, including maths, biology, etc.; therefore, most people insisted on me choosing one of these fields; however, I didn't give up easily.

Without a doubt, my reasons for choosing to become an English teacher is deeper than the money or the three-month summer vacation. My aim is not to merely increase the students' notes in English. Instead, my primary purpose is to impact people's lives and enhance the quality of education; regarding the shortages in my country's educational system. From my vantage point, becoming a teacher enables me to take part in shaping the next generation. Also, I would like to contribute to my community in a meaningful way, so being an English teacher is one of the best ways to meet such expectations. When I become a teacher, I can interact with students at all stages of development and from all walks of life. Finally, I wanted to teach my students beyond their books. Therefore, it seems that I am passionate about what I am going to do. As Zig Ziglar says: ''Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.''

When it comes to my reasons to participate in this meaningful and fruitful project, they cover a wide variety of areas. In the first place, this project is my most important work because I didn't attend such kind of projects before. So, for me, this is a kind of project in which I sincerely do something to get things better for our society. As a candidate teacher, I am also determined to make a difference in students' lives and bring equality in the classrooms concerning technology, gender, immigration, status, religion, economic background, etc. I As Christopher Hastings puts, it is also imperative to know that English language teaching cannot be separated from its context, including human rights, peace, global citizenship; therefore, the environment takes a significant place in the classroom. When I become a teacher, I will definitely do my best to advance social equity, respect for differences, and multicultural understanding through education. Therefore, this project enables me to take the initial step in English Language Teaching.

If appropriate, my focus will be on people with disabilities. My project's aim is to increase the role of English books under the supervision of MNE in integrating children with disabilities into everyday life.

To conclude, it is my pleasure to participate in such a meaningful and fruitful project; so, I would like to present my huge thanks to the ones who organized this project. It is my fervent hope that wonderful studies will come out with the enthusiastic cooperation of all participants. I would like to share a famous quote which actually summarizes why I am here:

''I believe that education is the civil rights issue of our generation. And if you care about promoting opportunity and reducing inequality, the classroom is the place to start. Great teaching is about so much more than education; it is a daily fight for social justice.''

Secretary Arne Duncan's Remarks at The Rotunda at the University of Virginia OCTOBER 9, 2009