About Me

Posted On 11/28/2019 9:34:00 AM, 0Comments

My name is Kadir Cihan Anapalı. I was graduated from BELL and I am a senior student in Atatürk University in ELT department. I have IGCSE certificate and IB diploma. During my high school years, I learned how to see the world in different points of view. I decided to find solutions to some problems that are related to the society. For instance; I prepared an extended essay to find solution on agriculture of my hometown, Erzurum.

The department gave me another ways to find solutions on new topics. I become sensitive to the people in the society. I decided to work on language accusation and especially for people who have Down’s syndrome. Also, the gender inequality in the society makes me uncomfortable and I want to find solutions. Those both problems are the reasons why I am in this project. I am planning to work on such problems and make the society better because human is the key of the society and equality, actually equality to make them at the same level, is the key of human being.