What Can We Do as Future Teachers?

Posted On 2/24/2021 11:49:00 PM, 0Comments


Since we had an expanded understanding towards the community and their points of views, we tried to look for our own teaching side in this meeting. We talked about bullying that is an unwanted and aggressive behavior happening in schools. We tried to figure out our own anti-slur policy during the classes, we determined the behaviors that should be prevented and came up with common ideas in order to prevent those behaviors. In this meeting, the students were more open-minded since they knew what to do as future teachers. After the meeting, they just signed a petition to ask a lesson for anti-bullying in their departments. It was our last meeting and it was really good to work with them.

You can access my PowerPoint slide I used during the meeting by clicking the link: 


You can see our brainstorming part in the photo.


It was a great experience for me to identify the missing parts in classrooms and by doing these, I really felt the sense of relief since I saw how the students improved themselves in more open-minded and fair point of views.

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