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 Hello! I am Gökçe Çiçek Cevher. I am 22 years old. I was born on May 23, 1997, in Trabzon. I studied in three different schools, from 1st grade to 8th grade. I graduated from Beşikdüzü Anatolian Teachers’ Training High School in Trabzon. Since the school was fifty kilometers away from the city center, I had to stay in a dormitory, where lots of different people from different cities came and this helped me to learn different cultures. I took part in a Comenius Project in high school and had the chance to go abroad and meet different people from different countries.

After graduating, I went to Çanakkale 18th March University and studied the preparatory class there. While living there, I met lots of different people coming from different areas of the country, from Diyarbakır to Edirne. Once again, I had the opportunity to meet and learn to respect other cultures. Also, I had foreign teachers in that university and experienced a foreign individual’s culture from firsthand.

As I could not witness my little brother growing up, I decided to return home after five years and continue my bachelor’s degree in Trabzon University. Nowadays, I am a senior student in this department. I have taken part in some local movies, series, advertisements and video clips, also I have modelled for some boutiques. My hobbies are travelling, watching movies and reading books. Additionally, I have been dancing tango, bachata and salsa as a profession for two years.

Meeting and living with people from different countries, cities and cultures shaped me into a person with an open-minded mindset and that is why I want to participate in this project, to share this way of thinking with others. Based on this, I would like to cover all issues related to prejudices towards LGBT community and sex discrimination.



Gokce Cevher

4th year student in English Language Teaching at Trabzon University