MY PROJECT: Teaching 21st Century Skills by LGBTQ+

Posted On 2/23/2021 3:22:00 PM, 0Comments


The 21st century skills are more important than ever before to students today. Not only do they provide a foundation for effective classroom learning, but they also ensure that learners can succeed in an environment where change is constant and learning never stops. This project has both the educative and social justice goals. Since there is a prejudiced view towards LGBTQ community, students should be involved in lessons that takes this community into consideration. They should learn those concepts during their ELT courses, not in a direct way, but in an indirect way. Therefore, they should become teachers that are aware of the community. As future teachers, they are going to be able to conduct such lessons involving 21st century skill activities and LGBTQ related materials. To handle both the educative part and social issue, future English teachers are involved in this project.

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