Let’s Put Ourselves in Their Shoes!

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In the first two meeting, we had the chance to know the community and tried to understand the members. In this meeting, for further understanding, we tried to have more opportunities to have empathy towards those individuals. In this respect, we watched a video that those individuals told their background stories and had discussion. After that, we had some situational scenarios and asked each other “What would you do if you were them?” It was really difficult to think since we were all human beings but the discrimination was so intense. Finally, we got a main thought that “Why are people so obsessed with others? If we do not judge others, they should not have any courage to judge ourselves!” Then, I assigned the students to watch a movie based on a teenager who had difficulties in his own life. They asked the same question to themselves and answered it in a video.    

You can access my PowerPoint slide I used during the meeting by clicking the link: 

Critical Thinking-Material


Here is a quotation from one of those assignments:

I could not control my tears here because it was too emotional. I wish all families showed understanding in this way. If my child says he is gay, I always say I will support him.

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Gokce Cevher

4th year student in English Language Teaching at Trabzon University