and Tango makes three!

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In this meeting, I used one of the materials that we used during our Webinars, the story of and Tango makes three. We discussed what family meant to my students and saw the story of two father penguins. The students were surprised when they found out the biological features based on animals. We tried to find a basic answer to the differences and similarities with our own families and came up with the idea that “They have the same family, love and sharing and nothing is different!” Genders are not the things that determine our families, we have more powerful thing than that, LOVE. It was really good to have that common idea with my students and I think discovering the thought made the learning phase more permanent. After that story, students got familiar with the concepts and I believe they are going to use such kinds of stories during their own teaching sides. I hope they are going to be wonderful ally teachers!

You can access my PowerPoint slide I used during the meeting by clicking the link: 




Here you can see one of the found poetries that they wrote by relating the story. Their emotions and rhymes were lovely.


Tango Makes Three

Boy and girl penguins

Start noticing each other

But two boy penguin

Start loving each other

They want a family

But they didn’t have any egg

Their keeper give them an egg

They cared for it

And then they had a baby

And named it Tango

They grew their baby up together

They teach Tango to swim together

After a while Tango grew stronger

With their daddies

Tango have been loved


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