About Me

Posted On 11/25/2019 10:07:00 AM, 0Comments
My name is Selçuk Özçelik. I was born on January 1, in Samsun. I was graduated from Akpınar Anatolian High School  . During my high school years, I tried to understand world by reading different works and I have adopted principle of being beneficial to society and I have education in ELT Department of  Atatürk University as a senior.

When I started university  I have believed that I should leave a mark to be useful for society and I tried many things to understand people and society’s problem, I wrote many stories about them and I am still writing a novel about the common problems of the world. When I had understood that language is the most effective thing to express ourselves in our life, I started working on sign language since I am interested in Linguistics. And I decided to participate this project to show that we can educate English teachers who use sign language.

Actually, I love dealing with social problems, because these are our problems as an individual. I believe that we will live in an equal world if we overcome the social problems; therefore, I am in this project. Additionally, I am a cheerful person who likes research and enjoys learning/acquiring thing, and I believe that such and such things that will be useful to create equal world for every person and nature.


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