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Nurten CİVELEK is a senior student at Sakarya University in Turkey, where she is majoring in English Language Teaching. She was born on 30 July 1996 in Samsun. She went to Karayolları Kolin Fatih Elementary and Secondary school. She began to show interest in learning languages at those times. She chose the German language for her elective course in addition to English language course.

She started to learn two new languages at the same time. She continued with her education at Kızılırmak Anatolian Teacher Training High School. She decided to be a teacher at high school.  Her interest in learning and teaching language comes from her eagerness to learn about different cultures. She loves to communicate with people who are from different countries. In addition to these, she feels herself a citizen of the world. She loves reading especially novels and listening to music. Additionally, when she is not busy with the school, she enjoys marbling art.

If you want to reach Nurten, you can contact her via an e-mail,

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Nurten Civelek

4th year student in English Language Teaching at Sakarya University