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In the year of 1997, I was born in ─░zmir as a last-born child of the Sönmez family. In the following years, we moved to Hopa, the city where my parents from. I spent my whole life in this small city. It is located in the far Eastern Blacksea region, where the Georgia is a border neighbor of this small town. I attended the Yavuz Selim primary school and started my educational life.

Soon after, I quitted that school since all of the classrooms were so crowded and I could not adapt myself to that environment. Therefore, my parents decided me to continue my both primary and secondary education in Hüsnü Ciner School, which included the primary and secondary level in itself. After I graduated from that school, my aim was to attend to an Anatolian High School. I have accomplished a success in the entre exam of high school to enter the Nuri Vatan Anatolian High School. It was the only Anatolian high school in Hopa and there was no other option for me.

In high school, I pursued my dreams to become an English teacher. My biggest dream was to learn English and become a teacher in foreign languages. Therefore, I chose the foreign language education over all the other courses or programs. After entering the University Entre Exams, I started a new life in Trabzon since I was one of the students that just admitted to the English Language Teaching program at Karadeniz Technical University.

Now, I continue my education in this program and I am in my final year. In addition, in order to learn more about teaching English, I attended some online courses that were provided by the American universities on Canvas platform. I earned certificates and badges from both Iowa State University and Arizona State University for participating in the courses “Using Educational Technology in the English Language Classrooms”’ and “Professional Development for Teacher Trainers”.