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Posted On 11/26/2019 5:19:00 PM, 0Comments

My name is Merve KILIÇ. I am 22 years old and I am from Artvin and I graduated from Anatolian Teacher’s Training High School in Artvin. Now I am studying at Trabzon University Department of English Language Teaching  as a senior student.

   I participated to this project because I want to increase cultural awareness between people especially towards black people. I have some black friends and I worked with them last year. Also I had a project for community service and talked them. Then I recognized that people who live in Trabzon behave rudely to them therefore people have some bias towards the people who are not like them. Actually not only black people but also other cultural or religional differences may not be valued. So I try to touch this issue and try to a find some solutions reaching more people. And also the other reason for being interested in this project I as a teacher candidate want to engrain students’ opinion in differences (skin color, different opinions, different cultural elements and so on)  should be valued because in the classroom environment despite we are the same nationality, we have the same skin color but there may be lots of different cultural dimensions. To put it differently, having the some physical similarities is not enough for being at the same ground and my overall aim is to give a message like each and every opinion, cultural difference, etc. are unique and should be respected. So I did decide to participate this project.


The topics that I want to be interested in racism, gender inequality, environmental issues,  and quality education.


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