About Me

Posted On 11/25/2019 9:55:00 AM, 0Comments

Hello to everyone . My name is Fatıma Aydıner . I was born in Akdağmadeni in Yozgat at the 8th of august in 1997. It is a small and quiet city. Although there is not so many social activity in there, it is a forested area and it offers so many places for the nature lovers and also it has some historical places to visit .I have completed my primary and elementary education at Namık Kemal primary school.I have completed my high school at Şöhrettin Duygu Anatolian High School. And now I am  studying at Cumhuriyet University at the department of English Language Teaching.
Spending time with people, talking to them, listening to them has always been a part of my life. So I can say that I am a social person and I  am an interpersonal , so I wanted to participate in this project. In this project, I would like to work on the migrant families coming from our country from the Syrian, Afghanistan and from various countries for various reasons. I want to touch their real lives, share the same feelings with them, play games with them and laugh together, and I want to know that I have an influence on their smiles and be happy .