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 Dear Social Justice in ELT Team ;

I want to give some specific information about myself, my hometown and also my purpose about SOCIAL JUSTICE PROJECT”. I have a Europass CV but it is from last year so I cannot sent it. Firstly, my name is Burak Can ÇITAK and I am 22 . On the other hand, I am from Çorum and I study at Sivas Cumhuriyet University in English Language Teaching Department. I am fourth-year-student in my department. I have a little family so I have only one brother whose name is Berke. My parents are alive and they also live in Çorum. I had graduated from Çorum Teacher Training Anatolian High School in language department. You can see some photos from my home town below.




I have a language certificate which I gained with a proficiency test by National Ministry of Education and also I have experience about language teaching to young learners because I have given private lesson to young learners.

At the age of 12, I began to be interested in computers and technology. At this age, I've heard of HTML -the computer language-. It was really interesting to be able to create a web site with the text editor which we use to write something on the computer normally, and it was just as great. Also, when I noticed that I need the PHP language to make a website functional and interactive with features such as login, logout, registration, I realized there was no end to it. After I felt ready in the 2014-15 period, I gained a lot of customer potential and I can say that I made reforms in many areas for myself. I developed some software that were not in Turkey. I currently have a professional degree of business and talent potential in PHP and HTML, but I see that they are insufficient so I have to develop myself.

In 2018-19, I was the leader of a club which is called as “GLOBAL CULTURE COMMUNITY” in my department, I have organized a lot of activities with Erasmus students, foreign language students and also students from my department with our club’s members. Nowadays, club is still active but I cannot join the management team because it is my last year in university so I have a lot of responsibilities.


I have played a lot of roles in different types of social responsibility organizations and also I was the leader of language club (global culture community) in my department for one year. It was also a view in our club because there were a lot of people from different countries and cultures in our club as a member thanks to Erasmus program, so I think that it will be very effective for me to apply my ideas in reality. We know that social Justice is one of the most important problems nowadays. We should give a hand to solve this problem. Your program is a chance for us to solve this problem, develop something for this subject and improve our communication skills. While we are developing something about social justice, we will also improve our language skills, communication skills etc… So I can say that it is a real chance for me to improve myself and the world so I have a dream to change the world.


My project includes two different steps. One of them is to prepare a lesson which is integrated with "station rotation"  technique. I will organize the class in my practicum site then students will be separated into three different groups with different objectives. Every group will change their seats in every 15 minutes. In the second step of the project, I will prepare a website (I have a professional web development experience and I have talked about it above) where teacher/people can share their stories, lesson plans, idea /photos/videos and activities about "respecting diversities" or "social justice".