Coursebook Analysis

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Title : Progress Preparatory Class

Pub. Year : 2019

Publisher : Government Publications

Price : Free


Level :  9th Grade

Age : 15-16

Purpose : It is for educational purposes and English is the most commonly spoken language in the world.

The book generally gives information about different cultures, beliefs and people and they are supported with visuals. It can be seen that the course book has sensitivity about some issues such as gender equality, respect for different races and  different beliefs by giving different examples  about these subjects. It is also an advantage that the book contains information and visuals about minorities and different cultures, as shown in the pictures below.

The book - "Progress" - aims to increase individual and academic development by focusing on different units in general and different contents in each of these units. At this stage, our focus will be on two main issues. The first is whether it is culture-based and the second is whether women or minorities are negatively reflected.

Firstly, in this book, instead of focusing only on the students' own culture, by integrating  visuals, dishes, people and history information from different cultures, it is supported to respect for different cultures and individual development about social justice.

Secondly, the fact that the book does not contain any content that harms women's rights or minority groups can be seen as an advantage to increase awareness and sensitivity on this issue. The book contains texts and visuals that show that women work and participate in different activities in order to break down the prejudices about women/minority groups, the idea that women are weak and to support women's participation in different areas of society.

About Me

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 Dear Social Justice in ELT Team ;

I want to give some specific information about myself, my hometown and also my purpose about SOCIAL JUSTICE PROJECT”. I have a Europass CV but it is from last year so I cannot sent it. Firstly, my name is Burak Can ÇITAK and I am 22 . On the other hand, I am from Çorum and I study at Sivas Cumhuriyet University in English Language Teaching Department. I am fourth-year-student in my department. I have a little family so I have only one brother whose name is Berke. My parents are alive and they also live in Çorum. I had graduated from Çorum Teacher Training Anatolian High School in language department. You can see some photos from my home town below.