Job Hiring Practices

Posted On 2/16/2019 8:48:00 PM, 3Comments

I am a native Turkish teacher of English and I have been in many situations where the gatekeepers would prefer a native English speaker with no teaching experience and with a diploma unrelated to ELT. Unfortunately, this is the case in many outer and expanding circle countries, where it is more prestigious to hire a native speaker in English rather than someone who has spent 4 years studying and developing the skills necessary to teach. I was often told that I didn't get the job due to 'being unlucky that a native speaker also applied for the same job'. It is easier for the institutions in Turkey to hire native speakers and train them with some sort of a 3 to 6-month teaching certificate rather than hiring foreign teachers of English (Turkish or other nationalities). I am not trying to create a divide, but even if you are Turkish and have to teach Turkish, you go through a 4-year undergraduate education, no one hires you just because Turkish is your L1. :(